How does Surf 4 Quality work?

While you are surfing you will find "Reward Pages" which reward you for paying attention.

The highest rewards are for pages which ask you to identify the site you previously viewed, and there are other pages which will also reward you when you notice them.

Rewards are generous, but you will need to pay attention.

Why not have surf ratios like other TEs?

Surf ratios do nothing to encourage surfers to look at the sites that are being shown. Many surfers are just watching the timer so they can click again.

At Surf 4 Quality surfers need to pay attention to the Websites shown to avoid missing out on reward pages, which is the place where almost all credits will be earned.

Can I earn cash at Surf 4 Quality?

There is no affiliate program included with your membership.

Surf 4 Quality has been built for serious advertisers.

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